Updating dSS and dSM firmware


Using the konfigurator interface in your web browser.
Make sure the Erweitete ansicht is selected in the bottom-right corner of the web page

Navigate into the system tab
Select “System Aktualisierung”
The list of updates will be shown to you.
Press “system aktualisieren”
After update you can verify the installed version information in the “Übersicht” entry of the System tab menu


After you updated the dSS you will need update your dSMs (This is because with the dSS update you download the dSM FW, it is not available to the system before)

After the FW update is completed you can check the version of the FW of your dSM’s in the Stromkreise tab
Note that during test phases the dSP FW can be different to the ARM FW. This is correct.

dSSErweiterteAnsicht.jpg (5.37 KB) Miguel Rodriguez, 04/01/2011 03:51 PM

dSSdSMFWUpdateButton.png (5.53 KB) Miguel Rodriguez, 04/01/2011 03:52 PM