Integration of IP devices - VDC's and VDSD's


VDC Overview
VDC Properties


Note: This information is adressed to developers. To use the mentioned source repositories below you need to be able to build and run the modules on your own hardware. The digitalSTROM server does not include support to run or host these modules, but the dSS11 family of products can connect to the VDC's running on your own hardware.

Name Status Description URL
Reference Example Ready Not real hardware, software-only example code
NetAtmo In-/Outdoor Sensors Alpha Supports NetAtmo indoor modules and outdoor module
Logitech Squeezeplayer Idea - looking for volunteers
SONOS Audioplayer early project setup phase
Elsner RS485 Outdoor Weather Station Idea - looking for volunteers Get values for outdoor temperature, humidity, wind strength and an indicator for rain and sun
Philips Hue Lamps early project setup phase
Fritz!Box Idea - looking for volunteers Generate events on incoming phone calls


Name Status Description URL
P44 Gateway for EnOcean Ready
P44 Gateway for DALI Ready