How to access the shell

Enable SSH access over the web interface

For security reasons is by default is the SSH access disabled. You can enable it in the configuration web interface as follows:
1) Ensure that the "Erweiterte ansicht" is enabled

2) Under the System tab navigate to "System einstellungen"
3) Check the "Zugang via SSH aktivieren" checkbox and press on "Übernehmen"

Accessing SSH using Windows

You can access the shell under windows using a shell programm such as Putty (

Enter the IP address of your dSS in the connection string and ensure you have the SSH option checked as in the picture below

You will receive an error message since the certificate of the dSS is unknown to your SSH client, you can safely accept this warning

The default login is dssadmin, with the same password. Changing the password for the web interface changes also the ssh password.

If you need root access you can issue the

command. Root has no password. Note that root login is disabled by default

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