Existing Apps - deprecated. Talk to us before you start development

A short discription of the existing apps. You might find this inspiring to create your own digitalSTROM App.

Please refer to the DS Apps article for new paradigms.
A (largely outdated) technical documentation about these apps can still be found here.


This App shows a graph of your energy consumption. It also allows you to download the data as cvs file.

User Defined Actions

With this Apps you can define your own digitalSTROM commands. Each User Defined Action contains one or more digitalSTROM-System calls like calling a Scene or make a http-call and is named by the user. Other Apps and Smartphones can call that Action by only one command.

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Scene Responder

Scene Responder allows you to configure various reactions to scene calls. E.g. configure a staircase light to switch off after 5 minutes. Or you have configured the light in your corridor to turn on if the bell is ringing. Then the app allows you to turn off the light again after 10 minutes.
To configure such actions you have to press the button on the right bottom (Add event). This will open a window where you can enter
a name for the action, the triggering scene call (for example the bell) in a specific zone. Then you can configure the reactions to the scene
call and the time between the triggering scene call and subsequent reaction.

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Timed Events

The app can be used to execute actions at a specific or recurring time. E.g. automatically turn on the light in the morning.

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Auto Off

This app is similar to the Scene Responder, but does not offer reactions other than turning off.

Various Metering Addons

These apps provide a configuration interface to pair your digitalSTROM installation with different online meters.
After uploading data, those services may help saving more energy by giving useful hints.

scene-responder1.png - Scene-Responder App (39.7 KB) Sebastian Scholz, 03/10/2011 01:35 PM

scene-responder2.png - Scene-Responder App multiple actions (60.8 KB) Sebastian Scholz, 03/10/2011 01:35 PM

scene-responder3.png - Scene-Responder App add action (55.1 KB) Sebastian Scholz, 03/10/2011 01:35 PM

timed-events1.png - Timed-Events App (40.5 KB) Sebastian Scholz, 03/10/2011 01:37 PM

timed-events2.png - Timed-Events App irregular event (63.5 KB) Sebastian Scholz, 03/10/2011 01:37 PM

timed-events3.png - Timed-Events App regular event (62.7 KB) Sebastian Scholz, 03/10/2011 01:37 PM