Discovering the dSS in your network

Windows 7

1 - On your windows PC, go to ‘My Computer -> Network’. In the section 'Media Devices' you’ll find an entry dSS11. In 'properties' you’ll find all relevant information ( IP address, device webpage, MAC address)
2 – connect to the dSS device webpage
3 – check out the dSS Installer UI [[]]

Windows XP or Vista

1 - Download the UPnP device spy [[]]
2 - Install the Intel tools for UPnP (r)
3 - Run the device spy. Your dSS will be discovered, and the presentation URL in the properties page is the URL to access the configuration page of the device.

Note that this works also when the dSS is directly plugged to your laptop (Auto IP)


avahi-browse -r _dssweb._tcp

UPnPDeviceSpy.jpg - UPnP device spy screen (68.5 KB) Miguel Rodriguez, 05/31/2011 03:28 PM