dSS-Auto-Upload tool

With the dSS-Auto-Upload tool it is possible to edit a file on your computer and after saving the file the tool automatically uploads it to the dSS (using scp).
Please have a look into the script file and edit the settings to match your needs. The script should be located in the same directory as your file is in.

The dSS-Auto-Upload tool script is available for Windows only at this time. Feel free to port it to Linux/Mac/etc. and post it here.

dSS-Auto-Upload tool for Windows

The tool for windows contains the script auto.bat which you need to edit. After that you simply run auto.bat via doubleclick. Please do not close the window to keep the tool running in background. auto.bat uses some tools which are stored in the "Tools" directory. There you will find "pscp", an scp tool for windows from the makers of putty, "WasFile" to check if the monitored file got modified and "wait" which is needed to pause a little time between the file compares. The modification gets detected by checking the modification time.

Windows_dSS-Auto-Upload_v0.2.zip - dSS-Auto-Upload Tool for Windows (162 KB) Christoph Hofmann, 05/27/2011 01:50 PM

dss-auto-update.sh Magnifier - A quick port to bash under linux. The configuration is directly in the file. (1.35 KB) Christof Baumann, 09/27/2011 03:05 PM