With the addition of CSRF protection the following is not possible anymore!

Controlling an installation from the Browser URL prompt

You can control your installation from your Browser URL prompt using the JSON interface.
For information on the methods available check this link (For Release 1 version) http://developer.digitalstrom.org/Architecture/dss-json.pdf

You can call the commands on your Browser URL prompt using the following format:
-- Note that browsers will cache these requests, so calling the same URL a second time will NOT execute the action but simply return, whatever the browser got the first time. To avoid this, add a parameter with a random value (e.g. append &_dc=123456) and change that value at every new call!

Where YourDSSIP is the IP of your dSS for example:
class is one of the JSON classes available (For example apartment, zone, device, circuit...)
method is one of the available methods to that class (For example getName, callScene)
params are the parameters taken by the method (For callScene: groupID and sceneNumber)
-- Note that the classes, method and parameter names are case sensitive

For example, to call the first light scene on the apartment use:

If you need to pass values to the class you can also pass them in the URL. For example to turn on the lights on the first room use:

In this case id=2 is the ID of the room you want to use

Make sure to use the Scene values described in the Scene table:Scene_table

You can get the ID's of the Zone's and devices using the property tree Erweitete Ansicht -> SW:System -> System Eigenschaften

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