Connecting a demonstration set to your dSS


Connecting it all together

  • Make sure you soldered the proper pins on the RS485 adaptor (There is no standard so, some devices require Pin 1 and 2 to be soldered, some Pin 1 and 6)
  • Connect the 2 cables into the dSM (You might need to open the white box for this, please make sure the box is unplugged when doing this)
  • Power up the demonstration set and wait until the LED on the DSM has turned green (Blue means that it is still waiting for devices to subscribe).
  • Run the ds485d (from the ds485 stack package) on your PC, started from the command line with the serial device as parameter, like: 'ds485d -F /dev/ttyUSB0'.
  • The ds485d requires that the host PC receives its own RS485 data packets. Either set the dip switches on your RS485 dongle accordingly, or run the ds485d with the "-L" parameter to create an internal software loopback.
  • Start the dSS application
  • Open up a browser and navigate to https://localhost:8080
  • On the dSS web page you would see now the components of the demonstration set and can turn them on and off.

Connection via ethernet to a dSS11

  • If you have a dSS11 connected to your dSM you can run the dSS locally on your PC and connect via Ethernet to the remote dS system.
  • You need to have SSH enabled on your dSS11, this can be configured on the configuration pages.
  • On your PC create a tunnel for the dS485 protocol via ssh with the ssh command line tool, like: 'ssh -L 8442:localhost:8442 '
  • Start the dSS application, continue like above

Alternatively make ds485d listen on external ip

--- /tmp/backup
+++ /etc/runit/ds485d/run
@@ -12,7 +12,8 @@
     echo "Could not calculate dSID, proceeding anyway" 

+OPTIONS="-G -F /dev/ttyS2 $DSID_OPT" 
-OPTIONS="-F /dev/ttyS2 $DSID_OPT" 

 while [ ! -x $DAEMON ]; do
     echo "$0: $DAEMON not found" 
# sv down ds485d
# sv up ds485d
  • you must change the ip in the dss/data/config.xml

Platform specific hints

usb_to_485_03_small.png - How to connect your RS485 adaptor to a dSM (64.1 KB) Miguel Rodriguez, 02/05/2010 04:42 PM